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Player Movement System  || Unreal 4.10.2


May 16, 2016

I just uploaded the latest build of the Titan Gear system. While the tutorial level is far from done, I've been putting a lot of work into the new anchor prediction system and animations.


Now, wherever you look, the system offers you two anchor points on the first avai...

April 10, 2016

I've started designing and building a huge level in Unreal 4 to teach players how to use the Titan Gear System.


Below is the general shape I'm working towards, splitting the map into quadrants that teach different uses of the Movement System, ultimately leading to the...

April 10, 2016

Let's discuss what I have built so far. We'll start with the Cables.


The Cables:

The current Cable Blueprint is very representational, using simple black cylinders that indicate the relative position of the Player to the current anchor points. All of the math to move th...

April 10, 2016

My name is Alex Shilts, and today I'm starting my first Game Development Blog. Here, we'll follow the development of a Player Movement System I'm building in Unreal Engine 4 that draws inspiration from the 3D-Movement Gear from Attack on Titan. The system is called Tit...

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April 10, 2016

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