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Player Movement System  || Unreal 4.10.2
V 1.0
V 1.0


Starting a Development Blog for my Player Movement System: Titan Gear!

My name is Alex Shilts, and today I'm starting my first Game Development Blog. Here, we'll follow the development of a Player Movement System I'm building in Unreal Engine 4 that draws inspiration from the 3D-Movement Gear from Attack on Titan. The system is called Titan Gear, and it consists of a set of special Blueprints and a unique Component that will allow any Character Actor to move quickly through the world in a fluid and fun way. I've been working on this project for about 6 weeks now as part of a course at the SMU Guildhall, but love it so much that I'm going to keep working on it until and potentially after I graduate in May 2016. I eventually want to release this content the world, but let's cross that bridge after we build it.

Below is a video of the current prototype, showing what I have so far. I'll discuss the basic implementation details later.

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