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Player Movement System  || Unreal 4.10.2
V 1.0
V 1.0


Version 1.1 now available! Now there's actual animations and something resembling an anchor pred

I just uploaded the latest build of the Titan Gear system. While the tutorial level is far from done, I've been putting a lot of work into the new anchor prediction system and animations.

Now, wherever you look, the system offers you two anchor points on the first available surfaces in either directions from the center of the screen. This lets you keep your eye on where you want to go, instead of constantly having to look to your anchor points. It still needs a ton of work, but its something.

While the new animations aren't the best, this was my first time animating, so don't be a dick. I worked with an artist friend, Taylor Pate, and learned the basics of animation in 3DS Max and whipped up a few animations inspired by the anime. They trigger automatically based on your actions, so you'll see them around. The first animations I added are:





-Floor grind


Mid air


-Lean in all 4 directions (Blend based on anchor position)

-Wall Run

-Flip on dual cable release

I'm going to be on vacation for couple of weeks, so I'll get to work on more shit when I get back.

Try out the new demo, give me some feedback!

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