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Unreal Engine 4 | Unity


Adobe CC ( Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro ) | 3DS Max | Blender


C++ | C# | Java | Python | Ruby | HTML | CSS | JavaScript



Studio Wildcard

Technical Designer

Multiplayer FPS Survival Game | Unreal Engine 4.5 (Modified) | PC, Xbox One, PS4 | January 2020

- Designed and built the Bloodstalker - 

- Created a physics-based tether traversal system that drew inspiration from spider-man and attack on titan -

- Created a grapple system that allowed characters to attach themselves to the environment or other characters - 

- Worked on the TEK Hover Skiff -

FPS Survival MMO | Unreal Engine 4.5 (Modified) | PC | December 22nd, 2018

- Built the Kraken end-boss fight - 

- Worked on ship sailing and dinghy/rowing mechanics -

- Designed and built the music system, for the Accordion instrument -

- Worked on many pieces of content including the exploding barrels, claim flags, and grappling hook -

Multiplayer FPS Survival Game | Unreal Engine 4.5 (Modified) | PC, Xbox One, PS4 | August 29th, 2017

- Designed and built the Rockwell boss fight - 

- Designed and built the Rock Drake, the DLC’s flagship dinosaur that can climb anywhere, glide, and turn invisible -

- Designed and built the Glider and Glowstick items -

- Implemented and polished new content (dinosaurs, weapons, etc.) -

Multiplayer FPS Survival Game | Unreal Engine 4.5 (Modified) | PC, Xbox One, PS4 | September 1st, 2016

- Helped implement new content (dinosaurs, weapons, etc.) -

- Designed and built the Manticore boss fight -

Multiplayer FPS Survival Game | Unreal Engine 4.5 (Modified) | PC, Xbox One, PS4 | August 29th, 2017

- Member of core gameplay team, responsible for implementing and polishing dinosaurs, weapons, items, etc. -

- Created several pieces of the TEK crafting tier armor set, which was featured in PC Gamer's January 2017 cover story -


Titan Gear

Player Movement System || Unreal Engine 4.12 || PC

- Replicated the chaotic 3D movement from the anime Attack on Titan's Omnidirectional Movement Gear -

- Implemented cables and an anchor prediction system that allows the player to move through the world quickly and fluidly -

 - Created character animations to help communicate the system functionality -



FPS Puzzle-Platformer | Unreal Engine 4.8 | PC13 Developers | 5 months | Technical Designer / Writer / Voice Actor

- Wrote, directed, recorded, and implemented all narration and story -

- Designed the narrator character’s personality and helped the art team to define his appearance -

- Built a set of scripting tools in UE4 Blueprint to help integrate the narrator robot into the game -

- Helped create the main gravity manipulation mechanic -

Rise, Darth Freeman

Singleplayer Level for Half-Life 2 | Source Hammer Editor | PC | 2 months Solo project

- Implemented a Lightsaber Weapon and several Force Powers using the Hammer Editor’s Logic Entity System -

- Designed and built a level that allowed the player to destroy and use environment with the Force against their enemies -

- Created a Lightsaber model out of BSP that used the Combine aesthetics to look consistent with in-game mesh assets -


Multiplayer FPS | Unreal Engine 4.7 | PC | 7 developers | 4 months | Team Lead / Technical Designer

- Led team meetings for the pre-production and planning of the project -

- Built and balanced all in-game weapons and their HUD elements, and set up all player controls and movement -

- Created the Main Menu, including camera transitions and Widget animations -

The Millennial Stone

2D Platformer | Unity 4.5 | PC, PS3 | 4 developers | 2 months | Team Lead / Lead Programmer / Level Designer

- Created and prioritized tasks for all specializations and communicated cross-discipline concepts between team members -

- Built all game mechanics and systems in C# using the Standard Unity Library -

- Designed and built the third level of the game -


The SMU Guildhall (Plano, TX)

- Masters of Interactive Technology,  Level Design Specialization (May 2016) -

- Thesis: Maximizing Player Immersion in the HTC Vive -

Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)

Lyle School of Engineering

- Bachelors of Science, Computer Science   (May 2014) -

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