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-Work in Progress: Gameplay-


The Bugshot

The Watcher

I created the reticle for the Tome's HUD from a seperate decal texture the artists had made for the Base Flag marker. It was a circle of runes that ended up being used in the main HUD for the Health and Ammo bars. I shrunk the entire circle down, colored it purple, thinned out the runes to reduce pixelation, and gave it a constant rotating animation.

Since the Bugshot was a shotgun-type weapon with a wide bullet spread, I designed the aiming reticle to look like the brass tubes that potrude from its mouth. The outer hexagon depicts the maximum spray at medium range, and the inner one shows the average spray at close range.

The Watcher HUD elements were by far the most fun to create. The reticle, composed of three arrows that draw inspiration from Wasp stingers, indicate the maximum spread range of each stringer in a burst fire.

When the player fires the Bugshot's primary fire (shotgun burst), the reticle animates to mimic a pump-action shotgun's reload motion. When the animation finishes, the weapon can fire again.

When the player fires the Bugshot's secondary fire (Grenade Launcher), the reticle animates like a sort of coughing motion, since the mythos says that the Bugshot coughs up a large explosive mason jar. When the animation finishes, the weapon can fire again.

Any time the player damages another player with the Bugshot, the reticle plays a special 'hit indicator' animation, where red lines expand from the reticle center to communicate a direct hit.

The Tome

When the player uses the primary fire (The Fireball), the circle expands quickly and slowly reduces back to normal size. When the circle reaches normal size, the primary fire can be used again.

When the player uses the secondary fire (The Shield), the circle grows to maximum size (2x) and rotates at triple speed until the player stops using it or the ammunition runs out.

Upon damaging another player and/or hitting enemies with knockback force, the center of the circle fills with a slightly translucent red to communicate a hit to the user.

When the player uses the primary fire (Triple-Burst) the three reticle sections expand in different directions for each bullet fired, creating a nice rhythmic feeling when shooting. When the pieces come back together, the weapon can be fire again.

When the player uses the secondary fire (Zoom-In), their camera's FOV smoothly interpolates from 90 to 30, directly alongside a basic animation of the gun rising up to cover their vision with the scope. The Zoomed-In Widget then overlays the screen, designed to look like the player is actually looking through a telescope with a strange eye at the end. At this point, the individual pieces of the central reticle rotate by 180 degrees each, morphing it from a large triangle to a series of smaller triangles converging at a single point. While the player is zoomed in, the mouse sensitivity drops by 60% to make slight aiming adjustments easier. The whole sequence plays in reverse when the player zooms back out.

When the player gets a direct hit with the Watcher, a red after-image of each reticle section bursts away from the center, indicating that they have damaged another cultist.

To help players switch between weapons and take stock of which guns they had picked up, I created a basic animated Weapon list that worked with the existing HUD layout that indicated which weapon the player was using and which weapon they would get when cycling up or down. 

When the player changes their weapon using either the number keys (1-3) or the mouse scroll-wheel, the guns play a special switching animation and the weapon list highlights the new weapon that the player has equipped with interpolated opacity, color, and movement.

The Gun HUD
The HUD Gun List
The Main Menu

To add both personality and a nice level of polish to the main menu, I converted it from a standard selection list into a multi-camera menu that smoothly traveled to different areas around the small town depending on the menu section.

-The Bugshot-
-The Tome-
-The Watcher-

The wEAPON hud

the main menu

The hud Gun List

Team Lead, Technical Designer
Multiplayer FPS ||  Unreal 4.7 || 7 Developers || 4 months


Scroll down for the UI Design details

Using Unreal 4's Widget system, I created and animated the Weapon-related HUD (All reticles and the Weapon List). I also converted the main menu from a static list to a dynamic 3D menu that combined 2D Widgets with camera transitions.

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